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Tips for Writing Condolence Letter

Facing death of a loved one is the world’s most horrible and painful experience. No one is as strong as to deal with this situation all alone. A cordial letter of condolence is the best way to share their sorrow. Write this to express your concern and care if some of your friend, relative, collogue, acquaintances is going through such unfortunate situation.

A well worded letter of condolence conveys your unsaid emotions and concern to the reader in an effective manner. Your written words of sympathy for the sad person will be more supportive than a generic condolence card. It expresses your tribute to the deceased and concern to the bereaved. These delicate and cordial words of condolence serve as a comfort for the reader’s heart. There is no set pattern of writing condolence letter. A simple letter with a personal touch can express all your love and care effortlessly.

We have given some useful tips on how to write condolence letter in the easy and effective manner.

  • Start with your name, address and contact detail and the same information of the recipient.
  • Write down the current date.
  • Make short and meaningful subject line.
  • Address the addressee by their first name if he is close to you and if you share a formal relationship Mr. /Mrs. / Ms. with the last name will be the appropriate choice.
  • Start the opening lines with an impression of deep sorrow and shock. State how you come to know about the sad news. Write some lines to express that you are also very deeply affected with this loss.
  •  Express that the reader is not alone in this difficult situation.
  • In the next paragraph mention some characteristics or the memorable moments that you have shared with the deceased. Write a short anecdote to make your note of sympathy more personal. This will help the reader to memorize the beautiful times.
  • When you write something about the personal traits of the diseased, always put his/her name. This will help the reader to connect with them again in a soothing manner.
  • Add some lines in the last paragraph that you are always there for the reader. Provide your contact number and request him to contact you anytime.
  • In the closing lines, offer your sympathy in a heartfelt manner and again request them to call you in time of need.
  • If you and the recipient are religious you can write some prayer in the end.
  • Close your letter with a closing such as “Sincerely”, “God Bless”, “My thoughts are with you” or something related and put your sign.

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