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Third Party Authorization Letter

Third party authorization letter is a formally written document stating that an individual/company is authorized by the appropriate individual/party/authority/company to undertake a certain action with permission. This means that whenever a third party is involved, the remaining two parties should actively declare its authorization. This letter acts as permission for the third party to proceed on your behalf. A properly written authorization letter will hence accomplish your entire requirement regarding the same.

Here is an example. A business partner always needs a authorization to take business decisions on your behalf. Again parent/guardian/sibling needs an authorization letter to conduct business with the university on your behalf such as picking up or viewing university documents or enrolling in courses.

Sample Third Party Authorization Letter


Mr. Ream Realer

General Manager

Swiss & Miss Products

56, Gotham Tower

Farmville 767887


Mr. Ervin Loral

General Manager

Fantastic Suppliers

65, Forth Square

Bernville 88989

Date: 19 May, 2014

Subject: Third Party Authorization Letter

Dear Mr. Loral

I, Mr. Ream Realer, General Manager of Swiss & Miss Products am writing this letter to notify you the declaration of company Beauty and Cosmetic as the third party concern.

This third party authorization is concerned under the legal norms and conditions made by both Swiss & Miss Products and Alpha Beauty products that this firm would be responsible for making decisions regarding all retail trading in Westlands which has to be done.

We require your valuable effort for the necessary documentation to formalize and proceed with the authorization process of third party firm.

Please free to contact me on 00-000-000 or visit if you have any queries related to this authorization.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Ream Realer

General Manager

Swiss & Miss Products

Given Below are a few Authorization letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Authorization Letter to Collect Documents
Authorization Letters are very important letters designed for official communication.

Authorization Letter to Collect Money on Behalf of Company
Authorization letters are designed for a significant reason. They officially give authority to a particular person to carry out some action on behalf of the former.

Sample Authorization Letter
Authorization letters are legal way to ensure that an individual is allowed to access possessions of another individual, or as a means of granting the facility to perform some work on other person’s behalf.

Travel Authorization Letter
Travel authorization letter is to be written by person who gives permission to some other person to carry his/her belongings, valuables or to travel with his/her minor child/children.

Tender Authorization Letter
Tender authorization letter is an important business letter addressed to the governing and administrative body of the tenders.

Distributor Authorization Letter
Distribution authorization letter is a formal letter addressed by a manufacturer, company or organization to provide distribution rights of its material to some other company.

Parental Authorization Letter
Parental authorization letter is a notarized letter from the real parents to given authorization to the non-parent to support the child.

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