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Sample Authorization Letter

Authorization letters are legal way to ensure that an individual is allowed to access possessions of another individual, or as a means of granting the facility to perform some work on other person’s behalf. When someone is not free or physically present to perform the required task he/she provides an authorization letter to the other person to perform his duties.

This letter includes all relevant information of the person who is authorized to perform the task of the person who is giving the authorization. This letter brings all the important identity information about the bearer. You have to clearly mention the reason of your decision of writing such letters. With the help of the below given sample you can clearly identify the ideas of writing your own authorization letter.

Sample Authorization Letter


Ms Veronica Grey

45/78 Big Apartments

34 Bridge Square

Bloomington SU 75646


Mr. Andrew Bullet

Manager Finance

Westland Bank

3544 Middleton Towers

Bloomington SU 75646

Date: 19 May, 2014

Subject: Authorization Letter

Dear Mr. Bullet,

I undersigned, Veronica Grey, hereby authorize Ms. Suzan Grey, my mother to withdraw five thousand dollars ($5000.00) from my savings account (SA no.: 0-000-0000) on my behalf because I am on official tour to Toronto. Her social security number is YB-000-000-0000.

I have enclosed the official document of my official tour that I am unable to make the withdrawal personally. I need the amount to settle the rent of my flat and other expenses of my mother. Together with Ms. Suzan Grey is my Identification Card attesting this authorization. This authorization shall be valid between the dates of January 29, 2014 to February 11, 2014.

You may contact me on number (000000000) for further clarification. Please send a copy of the approved transaction for future verification.

Thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter.

Yours Sincerely,

Veronica Grey

Social security number: GD-000-000-00-0

Given Below are a few Authorization letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Authorization Letter to Collect Documents
Authorization Letters are very important letters designed for official communication.

Authorization Letter to Collect Money on Behalf of Company
Authorization letters are designed for a significant reason. They officially give authority to a particular person to carry out some action on behalf of the former.

Travel Authorization Letter
Travel authorization letter is to be written by person who gives permission to some other person to carry his/her belongings, valuables or to travel with his/her minor child/children.

Third Party Authorization Letter
Third party authorization letter is a formally written document stating that an individual/company is authorized by the appropriate individual/party/authority/company to undertake a certain action with permission.

Tender Authorization Letter
Tender authorization letter is an important business letter addressed to the governing and administrative body of the tenders.

Distributor Authorization Letter
Distribution authorization letter is a formal letter addressed by a manufacturer, company or organization to provide distribution rights of its material to some other company.

Parental Authorization Letter
Parental authorization letter is a notarized letter from the real parents to given authorization to the non-parent to support the child.

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    Could you tell the name of the letter that you give to your bank in you or your spouse dies so that the living spouse will have access to all of the bank accounts without a waiting period?

    Thank you.

    Penny Hultman


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