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12 Tips for Writing an Third Party Authorization Letter

Follow these tips  to make an third party authorization letter for your own usage.

  • Draft it on a standard business format. Authorization letters are professional directives hence such a format is very important.
  • Write your letter in an appropriate professional and formal tone.
  • It must include the signature of the sender.
  • Provide specific instructions and detailing about the actions that the third party is allowed to take.
  • Place your full name and complete address on the top, then the same details of the recipient.
  • After the name and address of the sender and the receiver put the current date. It is a formal letter; hence do not abbreviate it.
  • Now start with a proper salutation with the formal name of the receiver. Address specific people in the letter with “Miss/Mrs. /Mr. rather than using first names.
  • In the first paragraph of the letter state reasons for the authorization. Explain all the important grounds to the he receiver of the letter why you need your representative to act on your behalf.
  • In the main paragraph of the letter mention all the account or case sensitive information, and the full name of the person who will act on your behalf.
  • The beginning and ending dates for the authorization is the most important point of the letter. Mention it very carefully.
  • Specify the duties that your representative is authorized to do on your behalf noticeably.
  • Conclude the letter with “Sincerely,” then your name and sign the letter.

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