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10 Tips to Write Short Sale Authorization Letter

Study these tips and the given to write your own short sale authorization letter.

  • This is formal letter so it has to be written on a standard business format.
  • It should be specific and straight to the point.
  • Directly address the person in your letter.
  • Express your expectation or the purpose of your writing in a clear and polite manner.
  • It will be better to mention your requirement clearly in the first two sentences of your letter.
  • Be logical, factual and reasonable while writing the purpose of your letter.
  • Use the middle paragraph to detail your case, the facts, current situation, or other key information.
  • Mention all the benefits or the profits off the authorized company in the second paragraph.
  • In the last paragraph restate your request with a statement that you will follow up on this.
  • Enter your contact number for further communication.

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