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12 Tips for Writing a Distributor Authorization Letter

Here are some tips on how to write a distribution letter.

  • Select a correct standard business layout for your letter to reinforce the formal nature of the document.
  • Such letters are detailed with information on all the necessary provisions.
  • It should be written in a specific, concise and straightforward manner.
  • Write down the names and addresses of both parties in addition to date and signature of the sender.
  • It should also carry the date when the letter is issued by the company/individual.
  • Start your letter mentioning the purpose of the authorization.
  • Addressed to specific individuals directly in your letter.
  • The details regarding the distribution rights given to a person or entity must be detailed and specific in the middle paragraph.
  • Close your letter with information regarding the terms and conditions of the issuing party to assign authority.
  • Do not forget to specify the duration of the authorization with a date range, if there is any in the final paragraph.
  • If the period of authorization is imprecise you can specify the beginning date and that the authorization will remain in effect in anticipation of further notice.
  • Carefully check the letter for spelling and grammar errors.

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