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Short Sale Authorization Letter

Short sale authorization letter is a formal letter addressed to a particular company to inform the recipient about a short sale program by the sender. The main purpose of this letter is to inform and convince the company to promote or authorize the short sale.

This letter carries a proposal about the program with a brief detail. If the addressed company accepts the proposal, the sender transfers the rights of the short sale or in other words he authorized the company for the sale. After that this authorization becomes a business deal between the companies. It also provides some additional benefits and profits to the authorized company.

Sample Short Sale Authorization Letter


Mr. Jonathan Mello

Deputy Manager Sales

Washington Textile Group

Goodland 67890


Ms. Juliana Doe

Chief Sales Executive

Marten Enterprises

Ontario 5476786

Date: 17 May, 2014

Subject- Short Sales Authorization Letter

Dear Ms. Doe,

I am writing on behalf of Washington Textile Group to notify you regarding our short sales program. Hereby, we are giving you a proposal of a short sale of the new silk textile manufactured by our industry.

It is an authorization on behalf of Washington Textile Group. Marten Enterprises and Washington Textile Group have shared a great trading bond since many years. Our industry has delivered you the best merchandise on the best price and always on your expected time.

Our silk textile is a new product of our industry and hence we require a short sales plan to promote its sales and supply. This program will surely increase the profit of your company too. I would like to assure you for the best service and results. You are requested to authorize our short sales program.

Kindly study the enclosed document regarding the authorization and the details related to this new merchandise. I will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss this plan. You can also feel free to contact me on 00-000-0000

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Jonathan Mello

Deputy Manager Sales

Washington Textile Group

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