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Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

A Medical treatment authorization letter is generally written by the management of a company/employer to authorize a particular employee to obtain a medical treatment under the expense of the company. Usually firms/employer/organization already has some policy regarding the medical conditions of their employees.

In other words, such letters are documents stating that a person is authorized to undertake a certain medical treatment with permission of the party/ authority/ company.

Many companies also issue medical treatment authorization letter to permit a particular employee to get medical treatment outside the normal medical care provision during employment. In such cases, this letter is generally directed to the appropriate medical practitioner/head of some medical centre to assist the employee in search of relevant medical treatment under the expense of the company.

Sample Medical Treatment Authorization Letter


Mr. Elvin Real

Human Resource Manager

Silver Group of Industries

56 Jack Lane

Delilah 67698


Dr. Gotham Parana

Chief Medical Officer

Springdale Medical Centre

98 Vidal Orchards

Delilah 67698

Date: 17 May, 2014

Subject: Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Dear Dr. Parana

I am writing this authorization on behalf of Silver Group of Industries to permit relevant medical treatment required by Ms. Rosslea Deem. Ms. Rosslea Deem is a valuable rank 3rd employee at Silver Group of Industries and is entitled to a medical insurance of up to $00,000.00 provided by Silver Group of Industries which includes hospitalization, medication, medical tests and minor surgery.

We believe that the above information is sufficient and clear enough to get her the best treatment by Springdale Medical Centre. We hope that the best medical treatment will be given to Ms. Rosslea Deem pertaining to her medical condition.

Kindly call the contact person of Silver Group of Industries on 000-000-000, if you have any further query.

Thank you for your kind cooperation

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Elvin Real

Human Resource Manager

Silver Group of Industries

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