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8 Tips for Writing an Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Here are some tips to guide on how to proceed a medical treatment authorization letter.

  • Write your authorization letter in a clear and concise manner.
  • It is a formal document which is always addressed to a specific individual with the authority to recognize and implement the provisions mentioned in the letter.
  • Define the purpose and scope of the authorization in the opening paragraph to help the addressee implement the request.
  • Cleary mention the name of the person you have signed up to authorize and obtain medical treatment.
  • It is usually addressed to someone in charge in human resource department of the concerned hospital.
  • You are required to explain the medical condition of the authorized briefly in the first paragraph of the letter.
  • State the provisions and the type of treatment or care you have permitted to the authorized employee.
  • If you want a specific doctor or medical facility for your employee, clearly mention the details regarding your wish.

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