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Scholarship Appeal Letter Sample

Format Scholarship Appeal Letter Sample

Scholarship appeal letter is written with a purpose to express your intention that you want to study further for which you need scholarship. This letter should clearly state the purpose and should be accompanied with all the necessary documents which are essential for receiving the grant.

If you are sure about framing a scholarship appeal letter then here is a sample format to help you. Use the given below sample template to create a personalized in a formal and impressive manner.

Sample Scholarship Appeal Letter

Shrelyn Moore

54th B Block,

Richmond Street,

New York

Date: 16 July, 2016


Agastha Smith

Institute of Photography and Media

500 S. State Street,

Ann Arbor,

New York

Subject: Scholarship Appeal

Dear Ms. Agastha,

I am a professional photographer by profession and I have been working in the industry from last 5 years. I would like to specialize in wild life photography and learn more about the subject but to possess further studies in the same, I do not possess a good financial background.

I got to know from one of my friends that you offer scholarship programs to aspiring photographers and artists and this inspired me a lot. I would like to attain a scholarship from your reputed institution to pursue the one year diploma course with the help of the scholarship.

Please find all my documents enclosed with the letter which include my prerequisite degrees, credentials etc. It would be an honor for me to study at such an amazing university which is known for its creative talent.

Please inform me if there any further requirement for the same from my side.

Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Shrelyn Moore

Given Below are a Few Appeal Letter Samples for a Clearer Ideas:-

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