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Appeal Letter for School

School appeal letters for financial assistance are often addressed to the ministry of education, organizations working for children education and betterment, or it could be some politicians in government. It is required to outline your plans and indicate exactly how the requested financial aid will be beneficial for your organization and others.

This letter conveys the purpose of your request and briefly indicates the anticipated result. State your purpose in a calm, professional, and factual manner. Write the letter of appeal in business style.

Sample School Appeal Letter


Mr. David Seen

Steffens Public High School

Number 7

8640, Middle Lane



Mr. George Premont

Education Officer

Ministry of Education

8375, Rogers Street


23 April 2014

Subject: Appeal Letter for School

Dear Sir,

Regarding the support and assistance I am writing this letter of appeal on behalf of our organization, Steffens Public High School, Number 7. The intention of this is to inform you about our requirements and plead.

I am in no doubt that you must be aware that the condition of our school is very hazardous, the walls and roofs of nearly all of the classrooms have became dangerous for students and teachers. There are cracks visible on almost all the walls and roofs of many classrooms are badly leaking. We are not able to follow our schedule since the classrooms are not safe for the students in this rainy season. Students are beaten by the rain and cold. Further, the laboratories of our school do not have basic apparatus. Due to all of these difficulties we appeal your further financial support.

Your positive response is anticipated. Thank you for your help and support.

Yours sincerely,

David Seen


Given Below are a few Appeal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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