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Tips for Writing an School Appeal Letter

Here are some best tips on how to write a school appeal letter.

  • Format- Compose your letter on your official letterhead.
  • Date- Mention full date in place of using abbreviated form, for an example, “January 10, 2014” or “10 January 2014” and not “01/10/14” or “Jan. 10, 2014”.
  • Inside address- Write the full name, title, institution/ company and the mailing address.
  • Subject Line- Give a short and factual subject line to covey the entire message in a single line.
  • Salutation- A proper salutation is very important. Write “Dear Dr. /Mr. / Mrs. / Ms……” If you are unsure of the recipient, “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern” are considered appropriate salutations.
  • Main paragraphs- Start writing down the actual matter of your letter of appeal.
  • Concluding- Conclude your letter formally. “Sincerely” and “Respectfully,” are appropriate for closing. Write a Thank you note in the end of the letter.

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