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5 Tips to Writing an Property Tax Appeal Letter

Read minutely the tips given below to make your property tax appeal letter effective.

1. Use Standard Business Format

Format your letter within formal business letter guidelines and a professional tone. Start with your contact information followed by the name and address of the concern person.

Start your letter with a formal salutation and a complimentary Closure such as “Sincerely” or “Regards.”

An appropriate subject line is mandatory as it helps to identify the purpose of your letter.

2. Be Factual and to the Point

Do not forget that you are addressing to a large department where they get thousands of request letters each day. Therefore, keep the information geared at affirmation and do not be antagonistic.

3. Specify the details

Such letters can be used for all sorts of reasons therefore it is much required to specify details that will identify the matter.

Address the company or concerned person professionally, then immediately introduce yourself and your situation. Start writing your first paragraph by getting straight to the matter.

4. Enclose the important documents

Attach all the documentary proof as supportive with your letter. Mention an enclosure notation at the end of your letter.

5. Keep a copy

Do not forget to retain a copy of the letter and the other documents you have sent to the company. Use it for referral when conferring with the company to settle the issue.

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