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6 Tips for Writing an Parking Fine Appeal Letter

Here are a few tips on how to write appeal letter for the reconsideration of parking fine for your convenience in understanding.

  • Study the traffic rules:Before writing an appeal letter to the traffic authority for the reconsideration you are advised to study the traffic rules and specially the parking ones. This will help you to understand better.
  • Collect all the documents:All your evidence should be contemporary to reflect the situation when you got your ticket. Gather as much evidence as possible, as without it, winning an appeal is more difficult. Any documentary evidence you can gather is useful. Sometimes this can be tricky to get, but everything that can give strength to your appeal is helpful.
  •  Proof of justifying circumstances:You can present anything relevant, for instance a doctor’s note if you were ill, travel documents when you were out of the town, the ticket or permit if it fell off and so on.
  • Photographic evidence:Mention photographic evidences too if you feel it will help you to explain your argument. Evidences may include suspended bay signs or residents’ parking signs, road markings, any unclear bay markings or simply lack of signs and markings.
  • A witness:If anyone can confirm your matter, mention their details and request them to sign a statement. For example, it was impossible to see the signs or you were unloading goods from your car and you stayed inside the rules.
  • Keep a copy:Keep copies of all correspondence and the ticket or penalty document copies for more correspondence as appeals can sometimes drag on.

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