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Appeal Letter for College

Sometimes when you are not able for frank and open conversation the best way to communicate to parents is through a letter. Furthermore, in most cases it so happens that when you discuss something verbally it fails to give you the desired result. Writing a letter can be helpful for many reasons as it gives you time to organize your thoughts. You can share your entire situation and feelings without interruption. It also gives time to your parents to read. They get a chance to think over your appeal for college and respond thoughtfully.

Any decision that makes you unhappy can often be tough to accept. The proper way to discuss the issue is to write a letter of appeal.

Sample Appeal Letter for College


Anna Myers

888 Strand Lane

Kansas City, MO 64426


Allen and Jennet Myers,

4273 Queens Street

Marine Street, KA 74431

April 22, 2014

Subject: Kindly reconsider your decision about me of leaving college

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am writing this letter to request to think over your advice and decision of asking me to discontinue my college studies.

I am sorry that dad is still unemployed and mom’s earning is not sufficient for the whole family. I am aware that the financial situation at home is not improving. I am quite sure he will get a very good job very soon. But I am by now middle in my second year and I am actually doing well. I am quite sure that by the end of this year I may get a scholarship and take up some part-time job here.

Please consider my request, I promise to earn my own education and everyday expenditure. I believe it will be better for our family later on when I graduate from college. I promise. Please, mom and dad allow me to complete my college. May I continue my studies in this college, please?

I need help. I do not know what kind of help I need or what needs to come about. I do not want things to keep going on this way, but I do not know what to do…

I hope you both will reconsider my appeal. Thanks for your kind understanding and support. I know it is hard for you at the moment.

With all my love,


Given Below are a few Appeal letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Insurance Appeal Letter Format
Appeal letter for insurance is written in reply to an insurance company’s particular decision. Purpose of the appeal letter for insurance is to tell the insurance company that you disagree.

Appeal Letter for Donation
Sample Appeal Letter for Donation is a formal type of written communication by NGO or welfare associations for donation request.

Financial Aid Appeal Letter Example
If you are an entrepreneur and need finance to start a new business or grow your existing one, there are several funding sources such as well established companies and cooperative.

Appeal Letter for College Readmission
An appeal letter for college readmission provides a second opportunity to the students before the admission officer for reconsideration of their application.

Medical Appeal Letter Sample
Sample Medical appeal letter are usually formal type of request addressed to the concerned medical officers such as the head of the hospital management, medical supervisor etc.

Academic Appeal Letter
An academic appeal letter is typically written by a student regarding his/her academic performance or any request related to his/her college.

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