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Tips for Writing an Academic Appeal Letter

Here are a few useful tips to make your academic appeal letter writing up to the mark.

1. Be factual and specific:

Try to be simple while writing your appeal. Avoid an over dramatizing approach and provide documentary proofs as supportive. Explore all resources you can employ to return to good position in your class. Assemble documentation to support your reasons/excuses for poor performance.

2. Structure of this letter:

The appeal letter should be structured in three parts: the request, explanation of justifying the situation and future plan.

  • The Request: – The opening lines of the letter should clearly state the purpose of the request letter in a concise manner. This letter should not go beyond single page or to a page and a half. Type your entire appeal to make it look professional and organized.   Address your academic request letter to the associate department of studies.
  • Justify the situation: – In the second section, state your reason for appeal. Explain circumstances that had an impact on the situation. Summarize why the appeal should be granted.Provide a concise explanation to prove that circumstances were way out of control and those have honestly affected your academic performance. Mention the exact time when the particular events occurred with the affected duration.
  • Future plan: – This is an important part of your letter as you are making an argument to be reinstated with the university.Present a brief description that your conditions have changed or will be different if you are reinstated and allowed to continue your studies.Conclude your request with a summary statement as to why you should be reinstated. Mention your current contact information (phone, email, etc.) with your student Identity no. in your request letter.
  • Keep copies: Keep copies of all the documents you have enclosed with your appeal letter along with the copy of your letter for further process.

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