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5 Tips for Writing Appeal Letter for Donation

The following tips may help you to write an effective donation request letter.

  • The letter has to be a short but precise piece of writing. The language should be as simple as possible. There is no need to use flowery language in such a letter. It is always helpful to provide a short but impressive account of the past.Cite your motto and mission statement at the start of the letter itself.
  • The sender has to give a brief introduction of the organization and the work done by the organization for the perusal of the receiver. There is no need to exaggerate.
  • The sender should request the addressee to donate for the noble cause. Identify your prospective donor and provide all the required details to prove your authenticity.
  • Your letter should be brief and informative.
  • Thank the reader in advance in the end of the appeal letter for considering and giving his/her valuable time to your request.

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