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Job Rejection Letter

A job rejection letter is produced when an applicant rejects a job offer made by a company. It is usual that for staying ahead, applicants apply for any job openings, but after reviewing the working policy, many people prefer job rejections, as those are not suitable according to their demands. It is an important thing to handle this kind of letter with great care without hurting the reputation of the concerned company. You have to be very polite and thankful for offering this job. Sometimes an applicant writes this letter to express his/her inability to accept the offer because he has already been appointed to another company.

Here in the example job rejection letter, an applicant writes this letter to a company in order to decline the job offer due to its unfavorable terms and conditions.

Job Rejection Letter Sample


Ann Brown

3256 East Lane

Anytown LN 899


Mr. Harry Parker

Danvor Light Industries

121 South Lane

Anythwn LN 4568

11 Sep, 2014

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for offering a job in your organization, but I will not able to accept this as your job criteria does not match my demand. The reason behind this decision is the terms and the conditions of your company do not appear favorable to me. Though I have no job at present, but your working area is somewhat different from what I want.

Another reason that I want to state is that your pay scale that you offered has no correlation with the market condition. In addition, there is no mention of insurance packages in your manual.

I thank you for considering me for the post in your company.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Brown

Given Below are a few Job Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A job letter of intent is produced to inquire about the vacancies in a company.

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