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Quit Job Letter

A quite job letter is written to resign from the present job due to the dissatisfaction of the present work environment or work policies. An employee writes this letter to the concerned department of the company about his resignation. The letter must contain the reason behind such decision so that the company must be aware of the fact. It is a formal way of quitting a job, even though the concerned employee has no new job. It also carries a confident from the employee side of getting a job easily on the basis of his/her working experience.

Here in the example of a job quite letter, an employee writes this to the concerned department in order to give his resignation from the sales executive post due to the dissatisfaction of the employment policy.

Quit Job Letter Sample

12 Sep 2014


Mr David Smith

24 Abbey View

CA21 3ED


Mr E Devine


CA23 4RF

Subject: Job Quit

Dear Mr Devine,

I am writing to you to inform you that it is my formal resignation from the post of sales executive in your company. The reason behind this decision, as you know, I am not satisfied with your working policies and to me, it is the unfair one. Even I have been a faithful employee for the years, I have just seen a one pay rise. It is not unknown to me that even newcomers have a good salary starting and the working flexibility, which is better than my present work environment.

As I have obtained experience in the sales field, it will no longer be a difficult for me to get a new job.

I would like to request you to process my resignation matter as soon as possible. Once you fix the termination date, please notify me.

Yours faithfully,

Mr David Smith

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