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Job Thank You Letter

A job thank you letter, as its name depicts, it is the thank you letter given in respect of a job offer. A candidate writes this letter to a company in order to convey his/her thanks for approving the application for a certain post. The tone of the letter is polite and should perfectly match the purpose of writing. It is a formal way to present your interest regarding the post as well as the company. On the other way, this letter helps to make an impression before the company as it makes the employer feel happy regarding the decision of choosing the right person for the vacancy.

Here in the example of a job thank you letter, an applicant writes this letter to give the recruiter his thanks for selecting him for the position for which he applied before.

Job Thank You Letter Sample


Charlene B. Reynolds,

2452 Liberty Avenue,

Anaheim, CA 92804.


Karen J. Cooper,

4835 Catherine Drive,

Fargo, ND 58102.

Sep 12, 2014

Ref: “Job Thank You” letter to the employer.

Dear Madam,

This letter is to convey my thanks to you for offering a job in your company. I assure you that I will give my best in your given area and leave no corner of dissatisfaction from your side. It is great news for me and I will perform as the way you expected for this post.

I resigned from my job after my marriage, but somewhere I had the thirst for a job. This work not only gives my career, but also makes me able to carry on my work from home, which I never expected to happen.

One again, thank you

Yours Sincerely,

Charlene B. Reynolds

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