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Job Refusal Letter

A job refusal letter is written to inform the applicants about their refusal of application which they have applied for a certain post. This letter is issued by the recruiter to candidates who did not go through the recruitment process stipulated by the company. The company has to write the letter with great care as it is a rejection letter. It should be written in a way that encourages that applicant to give him/her the best for the future opportunity rather than letting down an applicant’s hope. The letter should explain the reason of rejection in a polite way.

In the example of the job refusal letter, a company writes this letter to an applicant, who has been interviewed for the position of technician, to inform her that her application is rejected.

Job Refusal Letter Sample


Joseph D. Gove

Senior Executive Officer

Matrix Solution

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Sep 11, 2014


Michelle T. Nishida

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Subject: Job Offer Refusal

Dear Ms. Nishida,

I am writing this letter in respect of the interview conducted by Whitehaven for the junior technician for the paper works. In the interview, your presence was commendable, but you missed the chance because the other one was the best on that day. Still, I tried to hire you, but the superior states that it was unnecessary for selecting another worker for the opening.

I am sorry to inform you that you didn’t go through the process even after your commendable interview. I assure that if there will be an opening related to this, I would contact you.

I wish you best of luck in the future.

Truly yours,

Joseph D. Gove

Given Below are a few Job Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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