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How to Write an Approval Letter

The purpose of writing an approval letter is to respond to the request made by someone. Usually in the professional world, employees write request letters to their seniors or employer seeking permission for something and then the employee responds to them in the form of an approval letter if he feels that the request made is reasonable and can be given an approval. It is indeed an important document which is a proof of approval.

If you don’t know the right process of framing a formal approval letter then here is a complete step wise procedure which explains that how you should go about writing such a kind of letter in a professional manner without missing on any detail.

Steps to Write an Approval Letter

Follow all the steps mentioned below to draft a perfect approval letter:

  • State What You are Approving

You should always begin your letter by clearly stating what you are approving in your letter. You can also mention the reference of the request letter that was submitted to you by the employee to whom you are responding. This would bring clarity in your letter.

  • Mention the Reason, if Needed

If there is need to mention the reason then make sure that you state the reason because of which you are approving the request. There is no harm in stating the logic behind taking such a decision as it supports your approval.

  • Talk About What Next

The next thing to include in your draft is to indicate the set of steps that the person should take now. You must include in the letter that what should be the next action after the letter so that the person is aware and prepared.

  • Mention the Dates

If there are some important dates that need to be included that are associated with the permission then make sure you mention them. For instance, if there is an event to take place then you should mention the dates of the event.

  • Any Other Information

If there is any other information left to be shared then you must include in the end of your letter. If you have any instructions or guidelines to mention then you should do it before ending your letter.

  • Formal Ending

End your letter in a formal way by offering your best wishes to the employee for the new event, position or the project that is about to start. Keep it professional and do not forget to appreciate the initiation.

Utilize all these steps to frame a good approval letter to write your own letter without any hassles.

Useful Tips for Approval Letter

Here are some extra tips that are very effective in making your draft look perfect in every sense.

  • Always use a warm and cordial tone while writing a letter of approval to keep it formal.
  • Do not frame a long letter. Keep it short and sweet with all the details. Do not making it heavy with unnecessary information.
  • If you have any extra points to bring in notice then don’t forget to include that in your letter.
  • Make sure that you clearly state what is being approved without missing on any details. Do include associated date, time and other details associated with it.

Given Below are a few Approval Letter Sample for a clearer Idea.

Approval Letter from Company for Internship Training
Students who are into some professional course, internship training is a part of the curriculum.

Sample Approval Letter For Thesis
If you are working on your thesis and you need to include work of some artist or some author in your work then to do that you must first write an approval letter for thesis

Approval Letter For Training
If you are working with a company and you are planning to enroll yourself for some training which is going to be helpful in your career then you must write a formal request letter seeking the approval

Contract Approval Letter
If some company has submitted quotations of products or services or has shown some kind of interest in offering your company its products and services then it is the duty of your company to send a formal contract approval letter.

Approval Letter Format to Boss for Payment
If you are in a job then you sometimes you have to make certain expenses from your pocket which are later reimbursed by the company or you are using some asset of the company which is now not in a usable state.

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