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Sample Approval Letter For Thesis

If you are working on your thesis and you need to include work of some artist or some author in your work then to do that you must first write an approval letter for thesis to the concerned person seeking his permission for using his creation in your thesis. It is important because it is morally and ethically correct to seek permission before using someone else’s work.

If you also need to use the excerpts of some author in your work while preparing your thesis then you must frame a professional letter seeking his or her permission or the permission of the publishing house. Use this sample template given below to customize it as per your requirement. Keep it short and short.

Example of Approval Letter For Thesis

Henry James

22nd Park Avenue

Los Angeles

Date: 7th September, 2015


Simon Thomas

62, Autumn Gardens,

Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Simon,

The purpose of writing this letter is to request approval for using excerpts from one of your most beautiful books in my Master’s Thesis at California University. My thesis takes into consideration the effects of Great Depression on the economy now and then. Your book titled “The Great Depression on Earth” has some significant points which I would like to include in my thesis. These points are found on pages 56-57-58.

If you find this as an acceptable use of your work then please approve my request by signing this letter and return it in the envelope attached with the letter.

Thanks for considering my request.

Yours sincerely,

Henry James


Simon Thomas


Given Below are a few Approval Letter Sample for a clearer Idea.

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Students who are into some professional course, internship training is a part of the curriculum.

Approval Letter For Training
If you are working with a company and you are planning to enroll yourself for some training which is going to be helpful in your career then you must write a formal request letter seeking the approval

Contract Approval Letter
If some company has submitted quotations of products or services or has shown some kind of interest in offering your company its products and services then it is the duty of your company to send a formal contract approval letter.

Approval Letter Format to Boss for Payment
If you are in a job then you sometimes you have to make certain expenses from your pocket which are later reimbursed by the company or you are using some asset of the company which is now not in a usable state.

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