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Writing a Approval Letter to Attend a Training Session

Approval Letter to Attend a Training Session
Training Approval Letter Format

Approval letter for attending training session is written when if you wish to inform someone about your consent for attending the training session to that person. The Approval Letter to Attend a Training Session is a short and simple letter which must include any pre-requisites about attending the training session.

In this post we bring to you a template of Request Letter to Attend Training Course. You can use this Approval Letter Format, Example for creating a personalized draft keeping in mind your needs.

Format for Approval Letter for Attending Training Session


Richard Smith


Zenith Technologies


Date: July 24, 2023


Mr. Adam Gibbs

54, Henry Hills

New York

Sub: Regarding approval for attending training session.

Dear Mr. Adams,

I was happy to see your expression of interest in attending the training for the Marketers of Tomorrow Program 2023 which is going to be held in California in the month of July. I am sure that you are going to be exposed to the newest and the best of the knowledge and training from this program which will update you with the latest marketing techniques in the field of marketing.

The expression of your interest has been informed to my assistant and she is going to get in touch with you to have the process of registration begin. She will also be taking care of your travel and accommodation related needs. We will have a meeting once you have returned from the meeting to know about your learnings from the meeting. You are request to prepare a report on the training as you will be required to submit the same.

Wishing you good luck with the training program and I am sure that it is going to be very useful to you and to the company as well.

Enjoy your trip.


Richard Smith


Zenith Technologies


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