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Sample Copyright Permission Request Letter Format – Tips

Copyright Permission Request Sample Letter
Copyright Permission Request Letter

The intellectual property laws are designed to protect the creative works and for that Copyright Permission Request Letter is written. The purpose of Copyright Permission Letter Format is written with an intention to obtain the permission from the owner the rights of a particular content or material so that one does not violate the rights of the owner to which the work belongs.

We have come up with Copyright Permission Letter Sample & Example along with tips for creating the same. You can use this Sample Letter Requesting Copyright Permission for drafting your own letter.

Tips for Writing a Copyright Permission Request Letter

We have come up with the list of tips for writing copyright permission request letter that work as guidelines for creating a perfect letter:

  • Always address your letter to the right person. It is better to research and find out who is the owner of the copyright that you wish to use.
  • Make sure that you include the reason for which you are requesting the permission along with the capacity.
  • Include the material in detail which includes the author, title, publisher along with the year of publication.
  • Explain the way you intend to be using the material in a brief manner.
  • If the owner of the copyright is looking for compensation then you must always know how to honor this.
  • Always include your contact details before ending the letter.

Copyright Permission Letter Format, Example and Sample


Andrew Smith

54, Richmond Lane

New York

Date: June 11th, 2022


Mr. Robin Gere

88, St. Louis Apartments


Respected Mr. Gere,

I am writing this letter to request you for the copyrights of the citation shared below from your book “Economies of the World- by Robin Gere” first edition, published by New Age Publishers on 5th June, 2021.

I would like to use the citation on page no. 44 of the book:

“As per a recent study, the world economy is going to grow at the rate of 1.5% in the year 2023 and will show a further positive graph in the coming years”.

I am doing a thesis on world economy for my PhD from New York University and for that purpose, I need to use the citation from your book. The title of my thesis is “Economy: Today and Tomorrow”.

The thesis focuses on the world economy at present, in the past and in the future. I intend to put together the different surveys and studies that have been conducted in this regard to come up with a strong conclusion. I am hopeful that you will authorize me so that I can use this content in my work.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Thanking in anticipation.


Andrew Smith

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