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Permission Letter from Parents

A permission letter from parents is needed when their children are taking part in an event or any kind of programs, which need consent from the legal authority to go further on the project. This letter is very common in the educational field where students frequently go through some research program or educational excursion. So, the school authority needs to get the permission from the parents for taking their children on such an event. The letter can be written by a kid for seeking permission from his/her parent to take part in a program.

Here in the example of the letter, a student writes this letter to his parent in order to get permission from the parent to attain a school expedition.

Sample Permission Letter from Parents


Mary Thomson

Westminister College

4563 Kings Street

Thorp, QA 666


Mr. & Mrs. T. Jonathan

2589 Instabul Road

Conio, MN 5489

21st November, 2014

Dear Parents,

I write this letter with my love and affection for you. I need your permission to take part in a geographical expedition organized by the school authority. You know that without your consent, I have not done any major work and that is why I write this to inform you. This excursion is different from others as it is arranged only for the geographical stream.

It is a seven day educational tour where student gather some practical knowledge about the many different geographic nature. The trip is all about knowing the nature in a practical way that is why we spend days in mountains, hills and rivers. It is a fun-loving as well as educational tour. I can be a part of this excursion only when you grant me.

Yours affectionately,


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