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Charity Letter for Street Children

Requesting an individual or an organization to donate money for the establishment of street children is not an easy task. There are more chances of the rejection in the initial conversation. But a well written letter can increase the chance of getting donation. A formal effective letter is the right way to convince someone or an organization for charity.

Charity letter for street children can convey all your information regarding the charity properly. It gives ample of time to the recipient to think about the seriousness of the cause. It covers not only the information but also establishes a cordial connection with the heart of the reader. Reader can think enough about the cause and assess the authenticity of the charity. Hence an effective letter can do miracle for the street children.

Sample Charity Letter for Street Children


Mr. George Garret

Project head

Save Innocent Lives

34/4 Marvell

Brighton 476875


Ms. Noreen Cathy


Cathy Food Products Ltd.

45 Yellow Towers

Brighton 476875

Date: 5 Jun, 2014

Subject: Charity Request Letter for Street Children

Dear Ms. Cathy,

I undersigned, writing this on behalf of Save Innocent Lives. We are a group of 35 volunteers. We are working for the betterment of street children of our locality without any government aid.

We provide food, cloth and a shelter to homeless orphan children. We not only provide them the basic necessities of the life but also we teach them as private tuition classes. We are taking care of 120 such children. 20 of them are ready for secondary exams.

I would like to request your organization Cathy Food Products Ltd. for financial help. We have received donation for the study of 12 children and they have got admission in the college. We are hopeful that you will support the rest 8 children.

Your generosity can bring light to their dark world. Your donation is the only hope for their education. Your prompt and positive reply is anticipated. Kindly contact me on the given contact number. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


George Garret

Project head

Save Innocent Lives

Given Below are a few Charity letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Charity letter are either written to request for the charity or it could be written to request someone or an organization to accept your charity.

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