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Corporate Charity Letter

Corporate charity letter is most likely addressed by the Human Resource department or the higher authority of the business/ corporate organization. This letter is written to inform and appeal the members of the organization for charity. It could also be sent by a corporate house to the other to join hands for a charity cause.

This letter gives the information about the charity cause and structure designed to meet the purpose. It could be generic note addressed to a whole department or personalized to each member. If you write a personal request to each member it will be more effective. Write some motivational lines and praise the recipient. It establishes a cordial cord between the recipient and charity to convince him/her for donation.

Sample Corporate Charity Letter


Mr. Morris Scott

Manager Human Resource

Regal Publishers

45 Downing Lane

London 45757


Ms. Natalia Casper

Business Development Officer

Regal Publishers

45 Downing Lane

London 45757

Date: 5 Jun, 2014

Subject: Corporate Charity Letter

Dear Ms. Casper,

This is to inform you that Regal Publishers have decided to support Master Peter the only child of late Mr. and Mrs. Norman Kerr. This couple was working in our factory and died in a road accident last month.

The management and board have decided to help this child till he become adult. We have decided to cut a small amount from the basic salary of all the employ every month to help him. There is no compulsion on any of the employ. We will collect the donated amount in the last week of every month and give him a cheque for his education and other expenses.

You can donate as much as you feel like or you can avoid this charity.

If you are interested in the charity you have to give a written notification in the HR department about the details. Kindly donate a comfortable amount as this is really a divine cause.

Thanks and regards,

Morris Scott

Manager Human Resource

Regal Publishers

Given Below are a few Charity letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Charity Letter for Street Children
Requesting an individual or an organization to donate money for the establishment of street children is not an easy task. There are more chances of the rejection in the initial conversation.

Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center
This letter is most likely written to request charity for the old age homes. Homeless old age people and those who are left all alone by their children in their old age live in these homes.

Charity Letter for Calamity Victims
Whenever a tornado/ volcanic activity/ earthquake/ storm/ hurricane or other natural disaster occurs, group of generous people, non-profit societies, social work association and NGOs start working parallel to the government.

Charity Thank You Letter Sample
There are several generous people who are willing for contribution to charitable organizations. These generous people like to be recognized for their contribution like everybody.

Charity Letter for Medical Treatment
Sample Charity letter for medical treatment is the most suitable way of requesting fund for a medical treatment.

Charity Letter for Mentally ill Patients
Charity letter are either written to request for the charity or it could be written to request someone or an organization to accept your charity.

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