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Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center

This letter is most likely written to request charity for the old age homes. Homeless old age people and those who are left all alone by their children in their old age live in these homes. Some old age homes are established and run by the government and many more are running successfully by non-profitable societies. These organizations depend on the other individuals and the organizations for funding and support.

A formally written precise note covering all the relevant information can be of great use.

Sample Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center


Mr. Daniel Crag

4/56 Kathy Avenues

67 Morris Lane

Ontario 47680


Ms. Susan Ernest


Sunshine Old Age Home

56, Red Square

Ontario 46789

5 Jun, 2014

Subject: Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center

Dear Ms. Earnest,

I am writing this to request you to accept my meager contribution for Sunshine Old Age Home.

I would like to donate 15 % of my monthly income to your society. I have been visiting your old age home since last two months. I would like to work with your organization as a volunteer.

I am aware of the fact that some of the old persons are actually homeless but many of them are left by their children. I not only want to donate a small part of my monthly income I want to support them emotionally. You are requested to allow me to work with you as a volunteer.

I am completely aware with the responsibility I am going to hold after joining Sunshine Old Age Home. I am ready to accept any kind of work to serve the old persons of your organization.

Please contact me with a positive reply at your earliest convenience.

Thank you.


Daniel Crag

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