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Tips to Write Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center

We have provided here some useful tips of charity letter for old age home center to make your letter writing effective.

  • Compose it in the standard format of letter writing. Write it on your official letterhead, if you have one otherwise start writing about your information right away.
  • Write down your name, address and contact detail followed by the same information of the recipient.
  • Put the current date and the subject line.
  • Write a short and meaningful subject line. Provide the exact gist of the letter in few possible words.
  • Start straight with your purpose. Do not use long story to explain your tenderness or generosity.
  • If you are requesting them to accept your donation, mention the exact amount and the way you are donating.
  • In case you want to serve as a volunteer, express your determination in firm words and prove yourself self motivated person.
  • Thank the recipient and request him/her for a prompt reply in the last paragraph.
  • Close it with formal closure notation and put your signature.
  • If you are attaching any document or cheque with it, mention it in the end under the enclosure notation.

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