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Business Termination Letter

Business termination letter is usually written for the cancellation of some business contract/ partnership/ order of consignment or other business deals. Any company can write this letter in order to cancel some contract on the basis of poor product or service, product or service becomes obsolete, product or service not delivered in a timely fashion or the other objectionable points.

Writing a business termination letter will be the best way to cancel any business contracts, services, or agreements. One of the commonest ways to terminate a transaction or deal in the business world is to write a business termination letter.

Sample Business Termination Letter


Mr. Derek Jitter

Managing Director

Alley Boles Industries

34 Millers Town

Bugbane 6788


Ms. Amerada Molten

Head Sales Project

Pinter Industrial Limited
43, Leno Lane

Snyder SE 7889

Date: 24 May, 2014

Subject: Letter of Business Termination

Dear Ms. Molten,

I am writing this on behalf of the Board of Managers and Stakeholders of Alley Boles Industries in order to irrevocably terminate the One week old supplying contract that we had ordered you on 20 May, 2014.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we are very much disappointed with the quality of the product you have supplied on February 1, 2014. We have one more serious issue regarding your deliver process, it is not only late but the documentation is also very poor.

The legal contract of business supply between Alley Boles Industries and Pinter Industrial Limited has the clauses related with the quality, documentation and the timely delivery of consignments that you have signed on. Though you had a lot of promise at the beginning of the transaction, we are yet to receive the consignment of the supplies that we have placed on December 27, 2013. Therefore, we are irreversibly terminating the whole contract and we demand that you refund the deposit we made within the week.


Derek Jitter

Managing Director

Alley Boles Industries

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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