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8 Tips For Writing Business Introduction Letter

Here are some tips to compose a professional business introduction letter to generate a positive impression on the readers.

  • Write your business introduction letter on a standard business format with a professional and formal language.
  • Start with your name, title, name of the organization, address and phone number. Skip one or two lines and type the recipient’s name, title, company name and address. Skip some more lines and write the current date.
  • Start your opening paragraph by giving an introduction about your organization and a brief description about the product or service you deal with.
  • Mention only the information which is relevant and make your addressee keen to read your letter. Once you mention about what you have to satisfy the needs of the recipient of the letter, give your credentials.
  • Keep your letter short. You are writing this letter only to introduce your company and the proposal you want to get accepted. Never go into detail as you can get a chance of meeting with the recipient later on. You may explain everything with detail and ease then.
  • Demonstrating precisely that you have served other clients or customers like them in the past. But do not emphasize awards and achievement that are not related directly to your purpose of the letter.
  • Close the letter by reminding the reader about what you have to offer.
  • Give your contact details and tell them you will be calling them soon to discuss business.

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