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8 Tips on Writing a Business Thank You Letter

Here are some tips on how to write a business thank you letter.

  • Traditionally company letter head is much required as it gives a profession touch to your letter. Compose it on a standard business format on the official letter head.
  • Write your letter in a professional and formal language. Do not use hyperbole or sentences full of flattery. Just express your appreciation to avoid being informal and unrealistic.
  • Include your name, title, address, and contact details. Skip some lines and write down the recipient’s name, title and address. Skip a line and then add the current date.
  • Write a subject line as “Thank You” or “Thank You for Your Assistance” so the recipient knows at a glance why you are writing this letter.
  • Start your business letter with a proper formal salutation.
  • Express your gratitude in the opening sentence itself as it gives a profession touch. Mention something specific about the reason you are writing this letter to him/her.
  • In the last paragraph sincerely appreciate their time and effort.
  • Close your letter with “Yours sincerely”, “Best wishes” or “Many thanks”.

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