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Business Thank You Letter

A Business Thank You letter is generally written by an authorized person on behalf of the company to its business associates/ partners/ employee/ managers/ colleagues/ clients/ vendors/ networking contacts and other business professionals as a gesture of appreciation for their loyal patronage. A business thank you letter can do wonders in establishing strong and better work relations with your business partners.

These letters help a great deal in thanking your business associates for the good collaboration over the years.

Sample Business Thank You Letter


Mr. Alfred Green

Relationship Manager

Bluebells Associates

76 Norris Tower

Brinton 76578


Mr. Denver Seen

General Manager

Seen Builders and contractors

45, Market Lane

Brinton 76578

Dated: May 24, 2014

Subject: Thank you for your Patronage

Dear Mr. Seen,

I am writing this on behalf of Bluebells Associates to express our gratitude to Seen Builders and contractors. You were one of our oldest and valuable clients since we have started our services of auditing and legal advising. You were with us since we have started in 2000. I am honored to acknowledge you and your esteemed company, Builders and Contractors as one of our best clients to date.

Therefore you are requested to allow me to express Bluebells Associates’ word of appreciation and thanks for your loyal business collaboration with such commendable work principles. I would like to present you discount of 25% in our yearly fees of legal advisory as a token of appreciation for your great support to our organization.

With great appreciation and full sincerity Bluebells Associates looks forward to more wonderful years of this business collaboration with you and your esteemed company.

Thank you,


Alfred Green

Relationship Manager

Bluebells Associates

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A business congratulation letter is usually written to congratulate your employee/ business partner/ associates/ clients/ on their success.

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Business proposal letters are usually addressed to the potential or existing client or customers to offer or propose new services or products.

Business Termination Letter Example
Business termination letter is usually written for the cancellation of some business contract/ partnership/ order of consignment or other business deals.

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A Business introduction letter is written for introducing an organization/product/services/any special offer of the company. This professional business letter has to be written with great care and concern.

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