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Business Recognition Letter

Business recognition letter is typically composed to recognize someone for an achievement whether it is personal or professional. This is some of the nice practices of appreciation in workplace. Encouragement and recognition go a long way to motivate people. Thanking or appreciating your business partners and associates is a great way to let the person know that his/her efforts have been recognized.

Showing gratitude can sometimes be unnoticed because of the busy environment of the work but it should be in practice in terms to motivate the person who dedicate their time and effort selflessly. A good boss knows very well about the benefit of business recognitions letters. They are not written on normal occasions neither they are written to particular designation. They are instead written to recognize someone how well they are doing. You can draft your letter by using this as template.

Sample Business Recognition Letter


Ms. Andria Gower

Marketing Manager

Record Books & Publishers

56 Easter Towers

Ontario 57898


Mr. Andrews Bluebell


Regal Marketing Solutions

93 Redid Square

Ontario 56687

Date: 24 May, 2014

Subject: Business Recognition Letter

Dear Mr. Andrews Bluebell,

I am writing this on behalf of Record Books & Publishers in response of the marketing proposal proposed by Regal Marketing Solutions. I have studied your proposal with great interest and I would like to inform that your marketing strategies and the price quoted by you as your service charge is remarkable.

You deserve a sincere recognition from Record Books & Publishers for your innovative portfolio of advertisements which you have sent us with your quotation. I have checked and compared it and am very much impressed and interested in your proposal. All your terms and condition regarding your services are acceptable and very clear.

I would like to have a meeting with you to discuss this proposal in deep. Feel free to contact so that you can arrange a meeting with us. We are anticipating more innovative ideas and dynamic business relationship with Regal Marketing Solutions. We wish you would make something more interesting and profitable for our organization.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Andria Gower

Marketing Manager

Record Books & Publishers

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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