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Booking Confirmation Letter

A booking confirmation letter is required when you pre plan your stay at hotels for some event or occasion. Such letters are usually sent by hotel authorities to the guest with an assurance of fulfilling their request out forward at the time of booking. The agreement confirms important points such as name, arrival date, departure date, number of guest, tariff, type of room, number of rooms, package details, deposit details etc.

The letter has to be short and precise. It should directly start with informing about the confirmation along with cancellation and no-show polices of the hotel and other policies in case of visa reservation. Again speaking of hotel confirmation, it should also include other basic information such as retention charges, hotel standard check-in and check-out time etc. Given below is a sample example confirmation letter template that will help you in making your letter writing all the more effective.

Booking Confirmation Letter


Charlie Brown

Deccan International Hotels

56 South Mall

G-7 High Street

Taunton 7879


Rose Swan

Project Manager

Hybrid Internationals

67 Triton Square

Downing Streets

Taunton 6424

11 Jun 2014

Subject: Booking Confirmation Letter

Dear Madam,

This letter is written on behalf of the management of Deccan International Hotels to confirm the booking you have made with our hotel. According to our records you have a reservation on the 30th of this month. Your Booking consists of the main banquet hall, 10 executive suite rooms, 5 luxury rooms, 20 spas and the swimming pool. You have also booked our conference centre to conduct your upcoming annual conference.

We assure that your bookings have been rightfully recorded and we will make sure not to have any shortfalls from our end. You would get the real value for your money.

Thank you for doing business with us.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Brown

Booking Manager

Deccan International Hotels

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Confirmation Attendance Letter
A Letter of confirmation of attendance is written to confirm one’s presence in accordance with the invitation.

Audit Confirmation Letter Template
An audit confirmation letter is written to give a confirmation of an audit that is sent by an account department of a company. Confirmations are widely used in the audit process,

Sample Balance Confirmation Letter
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Catholic Confirmation Letter
In catholic religion, Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament that prepares grown-up members of the Catholic Church. A grand celebration normally accompanied the Confirmation.

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