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Balance Confirmation Letter

A balance confirmation letter is written by an individual who wishes to confirm the balance of his/her bank account or his/her leave in a company. If it is the former, the individual is requesting an update of his bank account balance while the latter refers to the employee’s request to know how many days of leave is left for his taking.

A balance confirmation letter is required to give a confirmation to the concerned person about the balance details of an individual’s account. Here a sample is provided to give the basic idea.

Balance Confirmation Letter Sample


Amherst M. Gerard

1834 Reeves Street

Mill Center, WI 54301


Mr. Herbert A. Hilo

Account Head

YHUJI Corporation

3228 Cross Street

Saginaw, MI 48607

1st Aug 2014

SUB: Balance Confirmation Letter

Dear Mr. Hilo,

I, Gerard, am writing this letter to confirm my account balance. The entire content of the letter that you have sent me are true and accurate. It clearly states all the transactions done by me in the past few months.

 I appreciate all your efforts that you made to search my account balance and all the transactions I have done till date. I would like to thank you for providing me the document that I needed.

Once again, I thank you for your support.


Yours Truly,

Amherst M. Gerard

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Confirmation Letter Format for Training by Company
Confirmation Letter Format Confirmation letters are quite common letters used between employees and employers.

Confirmation Letter for Employee
A confirmation letter for an employee is a document handed over to an employee informing him/her that he/she is now a confirmed employee of the organization.

Confirmation Attendance Letter
A Letter of confirmation of attendance is written to confirm one’s presence in accordance with the invitation.

Audit Confirmation Letter Template
An audit confirmation letter is written to give a confirmation of an audit that is sent by an account department of a company. Confirmations are widely used in the audit process,

Catholic Confirmation Letter
In catholic religion, Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament that prepares grown-up members of the Catholic Church. A grand celebration normally accompanied the Confirmation.

Booking Confirmation Letter Example
A booking confirmation letter is required when you pre plan your stay at hotels for some event or occasion. Such letters are usually sent by hotel authorities to the guest with an assurance of fulfilling their request out.

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