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Confirmation Attendance Letter

A Letter of confirmation of attendance is written to confirm one’s presence in accordance with the invitation. Generally, one receives so many invitations either for a function or a party or any other program. These functions include all sorts of occasions, including appointments, meetings, school/college programs etc. One feels highly obliged after receiving such invitations, especially when one is called as a guest of honor. So it is important to give a confirmation of your attendance at a particular ceremony, in which you are invited as a guest. The depth of the happiness is expressed through this letter regarding an invitation. This letter of confirmation of attendance is written to inform the invite that his/her invitation has been accepted.

A letter of confirmation of attendance deals with confirming the attendance in a function, for which you are requested to come. Here, a sample of this letter is given.

Confirmation Attendance Letter Sample


Dr. David Ronaldson

Dale College of Medical Sciences




Dr. Richard Norton

The Director

Medical Council of Canada



2 Aug 2014


Respected Sir,

I, David, am highly obliged by the honor given to me by considering me as the guest of honor in International Conference which is going to be organized by your college. I would like to give my confirmation to attend the conference on Congenital Heart Diseases in Children.

As I have done a lot of research work on children suffering from heart disease, this topic is of great interest to me. A few years back, I had an opportunity of presenting the research paper in one of the conferences on Heart Diseases. It would be my pleasure to listen to new researchers and doctors speaking on such an important issue.

I hope that all the arrangements for my stay over your place will be taken into account by your organization. I have already booked my flight ticket.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Dr. David Ronaldson

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Confirmation Letter Format Confirmation letters are quite common letters used between employees and employers.

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A confirmation letter for an employee is a document handed over to an employee informing him/her that he/she is now a confirmed employee of the organization.

Audit Confirmation Letter Template
An audit confirmation letter is written to give a confirmation of an audit that is sent by an account department of a company. Confirmations are widely used in the audit process,

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A balance confirmation letter is written by an individual who wishes to confirm the balance of his/her bank account or his/her leave in a company.

Catholic Confirmation Letter
In catholic religion, Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament that prepares grown-up members of the Catholic Church. A grand celebration normally accompanied the Confirmation.

Booking Confirmation Letter Example
A booking confirmation letter is required when you pre plan your stay at hotels for some event or occasion. Such letters are usually sent by hotel authorities to the guest with an assurance of fulfilling their request out.

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