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Audit Confirmation Letter

An audit confirmation letter is written to give a confirmation of an audit that is sent by an account department of a company. Confirmations are widely used in the audit process, which is a planned and documented activity performed by qualified personnel. Usually, an audit confirmation letter is written by the account department, which looks after the audit, to confirm the accounts reports of a company. The confirmation letter is of two types; one is a positive confirmation and the other one is a negative confirmation. This letter is written to make sure that the audit report submitted by the company is true and accurate.

Writing an audit confirmation letter is nothing but informing whether the audit report is accurate or not. Here a sample is given to assist you in this process.

Sample Audit Confirmation Letter:


Mr. Herbert E. Hilo

Smith & Son Solicitors

High Street


B43 5TF

1 Aug 2014


Mrs. Amherst Humphreys,

Stocks and Sales Co


B54 3ED

Dear Mrs. Humphreys,

SUB: Audit Confirmation Letter

I am writing this letter to confirm the audit that you have presented to us. I would like to tell you that all the figures mentioned are accurate and it appears as a suitable profit margin for the business activities.

I have enclosed a copy of audit for you and one copy is here in the office with all the previous accounts which I have dealt with. I would like to remind you about the account papers that you have to present for the annual tax return by the end of this year.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Herbert E. Hilo

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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