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Agreement Letter for House Rent

Agreement Letter House Rent, Sample Format Rental Agreement

Agreement letter for house rent is a format letter which mentions the formal relation between the landlord and the tenant. This letter is written with an intention to give information to the other party about agreement along with the terms and conditions on the basis of which it has been drafted.

Here is a sample agreement letter for house rental which has been given below for your reference. Use this template for creating your own letter with all useful details that are must to mention.

Sample Agreement Letter for House Rent

Julia Mars

11, Park Avenue,

New York

Date: 1st July, 216


Mathew Jacob

42 Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I have received the copy of property lease agreement sent by you at my current address. I am extremely happy to receive the agreement because you have given me a wonderful deal for my new lease home. After investing three months looking for a perfect deal, I am very thankful to you for offering me this deal.

As per the lease, you have offered me your apartment on an affordable monthly rent of $ 1200. Not only you have given me your property on rent at such a short notice and you have also not mentioned any terms and conditions. I am very grateful to you for being so generous and understanding. I promise that you will never face any issues from my side. I promise that all the rent payments will be made before the due date and will keep your property in its present state.

I really wish that our association lasts longer and we will renew our contract after 11 months, when the lease comes to an end.

Thanking you


Julia Mars

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