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Agreement Letter Template

The main purpose of an Agreement Letter is to give a formal start to a business deal or project. This letter serves as a final written commitment between the parties involved in the business with contractual understandings.

Template of agreement Letter between an author and a publication house


Recipient’s name:

Recipient’s address:


Dear (Name of recipient),

Subject: Letter of Agreement – (mention the specific topic of letter)

With reference to our discussion about the agreement of working together, this letter of agreement has been sent to you.

We would like to thank you for choosing our publication house (xyz) for the task of editing your autobiography (xyz).

The agreement is about the task of studying the manuscript, spelling drafting, editing and correction of grammatical errors, suggestion of changes in the manuscript if required and so on.

The hours of working will be considered (state time required) and according to the total fee mentioned in the agreement (state total fee) the payment of an hourly fee (state fee) would be charged.

If there will be any requirement of additional time to complete the task it would be considered under extra charge (state extra fee) per hour.

The payment mode and structure will be according to our agreement within (state period).
You are requested to study all these details carefully and if you accept all the terms & conditions, please send copy of agreement with your signature.

Yours sincerely,

Senders Name

Senders Address

Agreed and accepted

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