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Tips for Writing an Invitation Letter

A perfectly worded warm invitation letter is the essential requirement to make an invitation successful. It could be written for a business event or for a personal event. Invitation can be done verbally but a formally written invitation letter is considered more professional. Especially business events are required to be handled professionally with a written invitation. It also offers assistance for the event to encourage a positive reaction from the invitees.

It provides all the relevant details such as time, date, venue and other arrangements of the event. If you are writing it for a corporate event also include RSVP and contact details of the concerned persons. We have provided some quick tips to guide you how to write a successful invitation letter.

  • Make an outline of the relevant information required to be mentioned in the letter.
  • Ensure to arrange them in sequence.


  • If you are writing an official or business in vitiation, compose it on the official letterhead to make the invitation more professional.
  • If you are writing an invitation for some personal event, you can use stationary of your own choice.
  • Follow the standard rule of business letter writing.

Tone and language:

  • The level of formality of the invitation letter depends on the occasion and your relationship with the recipient.
  • Be gracious and follow the certain approach and etiquettes required for making an invitation.
  • Do not write an over formal letter of invitation. Include some witty phrases or poetry to make it warm and welcoming.
  • Invite the recipient in very humble and pleasant tone.
  • Make a short, concise and straightforward message of invitation.

Date and subject line:

  • Enter the current date.
  • Create a short and factual subject line.

First paragraph:

If it is for a business event, introduce yourself and the organization in the initial lines.

Middle paragraph:

  • Include the essential information such as date, time and venue of the event.
  • Offer assistance to the recipient for the event as it becomes an accountability of the host.
  • Express your eagerness of meeting the guest on the special event clearly in the middle paragraph.
  • Mention it clearly, if there is any pick up and drop services, accommodation or meal coupons provided by the organization.

Last paragraph:

  • Write some lines of request and appreciation to the recipient to attend the event.
  • If you have attached any other document with this letter, for instance, entry ticket, some coupons, reference code or anything related with the arrangement, mention it in the end of the letter under an enclosure notation.
  • Conclude it with gratitude. Closing with a thank you note or appreciation is the basic requirement of an invitation. It is both for the formal and casual invitations as it is a general curtsey.


  • Write a complimentary closure such as ‘Sincerely’, ‘Thank and regards’, ‘Truly’ or anything similar to it.

Proofread and send:

  • Proofread it before sending. Make an error free letter to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Send it in advance. Try to send it two weeks before the event as it increases the chance of invitation acceptance. An advance invitation provides ample time to the recipient to manage his schedules or the other essential arrangements.

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