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How to Write an Invitation Letter

Invitation letter are written to invite the guests for an event. It could be either personal or professional invitation. Corporate or business invitation letters are usually written by the human resource department or the authorized person of the organization. It is most likely used by the professionals to request the business partners, associates, existing clients or prospective clients to attend a special company event. It could be also written to invite some special guests to deliver speeches at corporation conventions or formal meetings.

It covers all the essential information regarding the events. It includes the exact name and reason of the event with its proposed date, time and place. It formally requests the reader to grace the event with its presence. If you are writing this letter to serve your personal purpose such as invitation letters for visa, birthday party, wedding or other vent it would be same as a professional invitation with a slight change in content. Here you will find some useful writing tips to guide you regarding how to write an invitation letter.

  • Keep the tone polite, cordial, and formal throughout the letter.
  • Do not choose fancy font or colored paper if you are writing a corporate invitation.
  • If it is a business invitation, write your name, title and official address to your invitees.
  • Introduce the host, if you are not the host and writing on behalf of the actual host of the event.
  • Start it with a formal salutation like “Dear Mr. /Mrs.” or “Respected Sir/Madam” depending on the title of the guest and the kind of rapport you shares with the recipient.
  • If you are writing it to your friend or family member for some personal event, you can greet him with some casual salutation of your choice.
  • State the purpose of the writing in the initial paragraph in warm and pleasant tone.
  • Convey your delight in inviting the recipient with a brief description of the actual event.
  • Make him feel that his presence is very important for you.
  • After the introduction, provide the detail of the event with its actual reason for which you have invited the guest.
  • If there is any dress code for the event, mention its detail in the middle paragraph.
  • If you are writing for a business event or you may require the guests to inform their details of arrival in the response, include a response form or return envelope.
  • You can also request them to inform you on the given contact detail or you can provide a date on which you will call them for the confirmation.
  • You can also go with the typical R.S.V.P. format.
  • Express your gratitude in the last lines. Thank the reader of the letter and be hopeful of that he has accepted your invitation.
  • Close it with a formal and appropriate closure notation such as Faithfully, Sincerely, With Regards or anything similar to it.
  • Put your name and designation and the details of the actual host of the event if you are writing on his behalf of some other person.

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