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Tips for Writing an Effective Job Certification Letter

Here are some tips of job certificate letter to guide you in writing.

  • This is a formal letter to certify the job of an employee therefore it should be composed on the official letterhead to make the communication more authentic and professional.
  • Compose this on the business style format followed by the standard business letter writing format. Write a short and straightforward letter.
  • The tone of this letter should be highly formal. Avoid using complex sentence. Do not write this in pleading or overconfident tone.
  • Provide all the relevant details required for the purpose of write. You can add some lines about the good qualities of the employees with a brief explanation about his/her work performance in the organization.
  • Authority of the company can add some testimonial/ personal comments about the employee; however it completely depends on their personal choice.
  • Proofread it very carefully to avoid any error as a single error can affect the whole purpose of writing.
  • Attach all the documents regarding the reference and mention it in the end with an enclosure notation.

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