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Employment Certification Letter

Employment certification letter is written to certify a certain individual about his/ her employment. This letter serves as a written announcement that he/ she is authentically employed in a certain company. If you are planning to change your job, on your departure from your current company you are required to request an employment certificate letter. This letter also verifies the skills, experience, educational and professional qualification. You can request this letter for visa application, loan application and so on. Hence, this certification letter serves as an important document in several matters of life.

This letter certifies your performance while applying for a certain position in a company. This is a proof that you have worked in the company. It is issued by the Human Resources Department as they keep records of all the employees. Therefore, if you are requesting for such letter you should provide a genuine reason for which you need this and where you use it. Every company has its own format of employment certificate letter. However, they all most likely follow the standard business letter format.

Employment Certification Letter Sample

Mr. Jonathan Winger

Manager Human Resource

Thomas Enterprises

56, Piccadilly Road

Ontario 45599

Mr. William Brooks

Head Sales and Marketing

Thomas Enterprises

56, Piccadilly Road

Ontario 45599

Date: 02 Jun, 2014

Subject: Employment Certification Letter

To whom so it may concern,

This letter is to certify that Mr. William Brooks has been an employee of Thomas Enterprises since 1 March, 2010 till date. He is working on the position of Head Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Brooks has been a very punctual and honest employee to our company. He has also winning won the best employer award of 2013 for his outstanding performance. He is a self motivated person handling the team of 55 employees. He has a record of completing all his targets before the deadline. He would be a proud to any company he chooses to work for.

Kindly contact me for further inquiries and verification regarding him on the mentioned contact numbers.

Thanks and regards,

Jonathan Winger

Manager Human Resource

Thomas Enterprises

Given Below are a few Certification letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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