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Financial Certification Letter

Financial certification letter provides a certification for the financial support offered by a third party to support an individual for a certain purpose. Financial certification letter verifies that financial support will be aided to an individual for a specific cost, event and certain period of time. For instance, if a family member, friend, or some relative provide financial support throughout the study, he is may write the relationship with the student and attach some proof of funding with his signature.

This letter of financial assistance is very common in university and college applications. Almost all the reputed university asks for a declaration and certification of financial support. Students are required to send this certification with their application. It demonstrates that if they get admission, they will be able to bear the study expense.

Sample Financial Certification Letter


Mr. Kelvin Linger

34 Rose Marry Apartments

James Dane Lane

London 35657


The Respected Authority

University of Psychology

London 57879

Date: 02 Jun, 2014

Subject: Financial Certification Letter

To whomsoever it may concern,

I, Kelvin Linger hereby, sign and certify that Ms. Kathy Linger is my sister and I provide a Financial Certification Letter as a proof for the full financial support of her study at the University of Psychology. I am thoroughly aware of the fee structure of her three year degree course in University of Psychology that is $0000 annually. I abide to pay her fee during this three year course.

I, the undersigned, agree and accept that I am financially responsible to bear her financial expenses. I have an adequate amount of funds to support the study of my sister Ms. Kathy Linger in University of Psychology.

I have enclosed a relationship proof and my financial document to make this Financial Certification Letter more authentic. You can contact me on the mentioned contact number for further query.


Kelvin Linger

Contact No: 00-000-000

Given Below are a few Certification letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Sample Employment Certification Letter
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