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Sample Job Abandonment Termination Letter

In every organization there are some employees who are not regular to report to work and as a result they end up hampering the working and productivity of the organization. Every company has its own absentee policy. Some are very strict as they fire the employees on their first uninformed and unexcused absence but some give warnings and then take action. In such a scenario, when you wish to put an end to the relationship of the company with such an employee who is unwilling to perform then you do it with the help of job abandonment termination letter. This is a professional way of ending this association.

Such letters are written by company owners or the manager of that employee or the HR manager. If you also have to pen such a formal letter then here is an example format to help you create a perfect professional draft consisting of all the information that needs to be mentioned in the content. Use it to frame a personalized letter.

Job Abandonment Termination Letter Example

John Dickens
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
123, Silver Street
New York

Date: May 23, 2015

Mr. Andrew Smith
360 Sterling Apartments

Dear Mr. Smith,
This purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that as of May 23, 2015 your employment with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is being terminated for cause. Ms. June, your team supervisor, has reported that you have not reported to work for 7 days, nor you have called to clarify your absence. Ms. June tried reaching you at the contact number mentioned in your employee file on May 18, May 19 and May 20 but she failed to get in touch with you. And therefore, we have concluded that you have abandoned your position with the Company.

You are requested to contact me at 123-456-78 to arrange for returning all the company properties that are with you. As per company records you are in possession of a company laptop, company mobile phone, company credit card and company car. In case, you fail to return all these items within seven days of receiving this letter then all these items will be considered stolen and we will seek a legal solution. You are also requested to return all the company-owned documents along with your employee identification card which you have in your possession.

Your final paycheck will include the payment for unused PTO days. By next week, you will receive a mail concerning your eligibility regarding continuance of your health care coverage. You will receive another mail mentioning other benefits that you may be due. In case of any queries, contact on the details that have been listed in respective mails.

Company understands that there are certain rare situations under which an employee is unable to report to work or inform the management about his absence. In case you feel that you belong to such a category then you are welcome to send a letter of appeal with Human Resource department. Make sure you enclose documented evidence from a reliable source which can support your reason.

John Dickens
HR Manager

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