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Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

Every company has some employees who are brilliant at their performance and some who always under perform. In such a case, company gives them warnings and counseling sessions in order to help them increase their performance but they fail to improve. Therefore, company has to terminate their employment as they are no good to the organization.

If you are the HR manager or supervisor who has to write such a letter then use the format template below to create a professional draft which consists of all the information mentioning the reasons for termination.

Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance Sample

John Dickens
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
123, Silver Street
New York

Date: May 23, 2015

Mr. Andrew Smith
360 Sterling Apartments

Dear Mr. Smith,

At the time of your recruitment, the performance metrics for your profile were very clearly stated. It was also mentioned that in case you are unable to meet the performance metrics what all events will be followed. But even after receiving constant reminders on your bad performance and three formal warning for poor performance, you have shown no improvement in your work. Therefore, company has no other option but to terminate your employment.

You were informed in the III quarter of financial year 2014-15 that your performance metrics are not as per those mentioned at the time of recruitment. And then you were given a written warning that you must work on increasing them. At the end of the IV quarter, your performance was reviewed again and despite being given the warning, there was no improvement in your sales. Then your second warning was issued. And after reviewing your numbers for the month of April, we have decided to issue the third and final warning to you and terminate your employment with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as you are unable to meet the targets that have been given to you.

You are requested to report to your supervisor and return all the company property and documents immediately. Make sure that you have returned company laptop and mobile phone along with your employee identification card. You are also requested to participate in exit interview.

We wish you good luck for your future ventures. In case you have any doubts then please contact me at +123-456-78.


John Dickens
HR Manager
ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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