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Purchase Order Letter

A purchase order letter deals with placing an order about a purchase to the seller according to one’s needs. A company or an organization writes such type of letter to purchase some products or services for conducting the business, though an individual also can write this letter. One has to be very good in presenting the purpose of writing as any mistake can put a company at a loss. So while writing such letter, you should give a great care. Other than that, the order should be explained in a proper way without having any doubt and be accurate in accounting.

Here in the example stated below, a company writes this letter to another one for giving a bulk order for purchasing basketballs from that company. The letter gives the necessary details about the order.

Purchase Order Letter Example


Peter Parkinson

45-H, second floor

Top Row tower

New York

Respected Mr. Parkinson

Subject: This letter is to place a purchase order

We are pleased to inform that our company is willing to correspond with you by giving you the basketballs order. Your presentation was really interesting and after considering many issue we come to the decision that your company is the best option for this order.

Please note down our purchase order.

We need 100 balls and for which we are paying $15 per ball, that adds up to the $1500 in total. It will be appreciated if you deliver this order within 15 days from receiving this letter. If any ball is found faulty, it will be returned to your company as it is. I hope you leave no corner of dissatisfaction about the quality.

Wish to have future correspondence with you.

Bill Henry

Given Below are a few Order Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Cancel Order Letter
A cancel order letter, as its name depicts, it is written to cancel a business order, which was made earlier.

Order Acceptance Letter
An order acceptance letter is written to inform a company about accepting their order for a certain product or service.

Business Order Letter
A business order letter is written to make a business order according to the business field.

Work Order Letter Sample
Work order letter is a formal notification addressed to the person who has assigned with a new work.

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