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Business Order Letter

A business order letter is written to make a business order according to the business field. The letter can be written in response to the business marketing letter of a company to make a good business relation. When a company accepts the proposal of that company, they write this letter to convey the message of a business deal. Along with other things, the letter should give the details of the business order, that means what kind of order they want to give a company and that should go with the profit of the company.

Here in the example of the business order letter, a garment company writes this letter in response to a company’s business request to place an order for their company.

Business Order Letter Sample


Fred Nicholson

W-90, first floor

Markson tower

New York

Respected Mr. Fred

Subject: To place an order for products produced by your business organization

As per your business request letter, we are glad to inform you that we are willing to start a new business relation with you by placing an order of suitings and shirtings. We have no doubt about your company, as we have heard a lot about your quality of the products before, so that your company can prove benefit to us.

The order we are willing to place is as follows:

Suiting cloth: 1000m

Shirting cloth: 1000m

Our preferable colors for this order are black, blue and brown with the equal quantity.

It will be great if you process this order as early as possible; and if any defective is found, then it will be returned to you. For any further details, you can call us on 47309340448.

Thanking you

Bill Timothy

Given Below are a few Order Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Cancel Order Letter
A cancel order letter, as its name depicts, it is written to cancel a business order, which was made earlier.

Purchase Order Letter
A purchase order letter deals with placing an order about a purchase to the seller according to one’s needs.

Order Acceptance Letter
An order acceptance letter is written to inform a company about accepting their order for a certain product or service.

Work Order Letter Sample
Work order letter is a formal notification addressed to the person who has assigned with a new work.

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